Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Fall Hiking Spree

Chuckery Summit MetroParks' Fall Hiking Spree is really nostalgic for me - for years my family(including my Grandma) all participated in it together. The fall air, the cookouts, the beautiful trails - they were all missed and left behind when I went to college. Later work(especially the farm) made it hard for me to complete the Spree - but last year Laura and I finished my first one since the 90's. Not that I need an excuse to get into the woods - but it is nice to have a goal and a specific place to go. This evening we started the 2014 Hiking Spree at the Chuckery...we were talking about how green everything is - but by the time we finish most of the leaves will be gone...

Trail Marker "Trail Marker"
"Laura on the Trail"
Laura and I A little relaxing by the Signal Tree after the hike.

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