Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day Trippers

Laura A few Saturday's ago Laura and I felt like getting out of town for a bit - and what better place for that than beautiful Canton, Ohio. We hit all the great sights. We stopped at the Joseph Saxton Gallery to see the Vivian Maier exhibition, strolled around downtown, got a beer at George's Lounge, climbed the stairs of the McKinley Monument and finished the day with a trip to the Meniru Meadery and Brewery. I've been down to Canton a few times this year and each time I've been impressed - I used to think it was quite a dump....

Canton I don't know why i took this photo - its looks kind of sloppy - but I like it. Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography
Stand Tall
"Standing Tall"
From the Top In Black and White McKinley's Tomb In Color
This was a non-digital day for me - I brought my two 35mm SLRs - one with color film and the other black and white.
McKinley Monument
McKinley Monument
I hadn't been here for years - I kind of wanted to go in - but we were too late and it was closed. Menuri Meadery The Meniru Meadery - and me back there in the mirror. This place was interesting - they had a wide variety of drinks. We started with a couple of beers that were pretty good and then I moved on to a sparkling apple wine - which was very dry - just the way I like it. We both then sampled a couple of meads - I'd like to go back and try some more. Its an interesting drink and the varieties can be very different. We didn't get to any of their grape wines(we had to drive, ya know?) Laura "Laura and Mead"
The place didn't have much ambiance - it is in a strip mall and it feels like it is in a strip mall. The good news is they are moving to a new location soon that will have a patio, orchard, and more room. Meniru Meadery & Brewery

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