Sunday, September 28, 2014

Akron Marathon 2014

Waiting to Start
I had a press pass for the finish at the Akron Marathon this year because I was shooting for ReWorks to help promote their effort to make the Marathon a zero waste event. Since I had some friends running I decided to get there early and document more of the overall event. I arrived around 6:15 - I wanted to make sure I could get decent parking, watch some warm-up activity, and be in good position for the 7am start. I then made my way down to high street and watched the leaders and some of my friends pass(at roughly the 3.5 mile mark) before heading down to the stadium to get to work. The buzz, excitement, and action in Canal Park was awesome. I was able to alternate between getting the images I needed for the job and cheering my friends across the finish.

Broadway 'Rush Hour' - people heading to the start down Broadway. Kyle On His Way 'Kyle On His Way' - my bud in the grey shirt making his way to the start of the race. Race Blur 'Race Blur' Fast on High 'Fast on High' - he was the leader at this point. Brad's Kick 'Brad Kicking' - in the blue shirt - about to get his PR in the half-marathon. Post-Race 'Post-Race Brad' The Winner 'The Winner' - He ran the second fastest time on the course ever. Its always amazing to think that these top guys run a pace for 26 miles that I couldn't hold for 100 meters. Kyle's Kick 'Kyle's Kick' Finish 'Finish' - his time was actually slightly faster than that - everyone's time starts whenever they cross the starting line. I was confused as to why so many people starting farther back were walking in the beginning - it made more sense when Kyle explained they were saving steps until they crossed the true starting line. Relief 'Sock Time' Medals 'Finisher Medals' Selfie 'Race Selfies' Apple Eye 'Apple Eye' Greg and Brad 'Greg and Brad' Canal Park
I had gone down to parts of the race course in years past to see the runners go by but this was my first time at the finish. It was really cool to be down there - the Akron Marathon is a great event. It is inspiring to be down there around all the competitors - it gave me more motivation for my much, much shorter morning jogs. Canal Park II ...and as I always say - I just love seeing so many people in Downtown - its such a great change from the way things used to be.

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