Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Catawba Island(Road Trip IV)

Black IPA With it seemingly switching to Fall over night I figured I better wrap up my 'End Of Summer Road Trip series' - before I'm no longer in the mood to look at Summer-y photos... we left off with Laura an I driving down the road after having our brake lines repaired....
Heading down Route 2 East you pass farms, orchards, and lake related businesses but everything is dominated by the gigantic cooling tower of the Davis-Besse Nuclear Plant - it was in this looming shadow that we decided on our next destination - Catawba Island Brewing. The small brewery and tasting room aren't actually on Catawba Island but right before you would turn off to get there. We walked in and bellied up to the bar and discussed the selections with bartender - when the words "its a black IPA" came out of his mouth Laura cut him off and ordered one of those - which was an excellent choice because it was one of the best we had ever tasted.

The Menu "Menu" Catawba Island Brewing Co. The tables with the fermenters in the background.
Double Couple 3 Hops IPA
This was their double IPA and it was pretty awesome. For now the brewery only cans there wit beer - which we got a growler full of on our way out the door.
Selfies of Selfies
Sitting on the couch, taking selfies, finishing our last beer.
Beach @ Catawba SP Feeling alright I turned to Laura and said, "lets go swimming!" She was down and we headed to Catawba Island State Park. It was the first time(and probably last time) we had been swimming all summer.
After swimming we noticed the blue-green algae warning sign. Needless to say we showered very well when we returned home. Flag on Pier "Fishing Pier" Last Days of Summer
I shot these with my Pentax - which I was glad I had - there is no way I would leave my Canon sitting on a beach while I went swimming. Catawba Island State Park "Beach from the Pier" Catawba Fishing Pier "Fish Story" Catawba Sunset
I think we should leave it with the sun setting over Lake Erie...

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