Monday, September 22, 2014

Last Summer Weekend

Ralph's Carnage What perfect weather for the 'last official weekend of Summer'. On Friday I had a fire with some friends, on Saturday I wandered around the Porch Rokr Festival in Highland Square, and on Sunday I had Laura's company picnic and then got a nice hike in that evening. I love Fall, but we all know, it goes way too fast....

Just and Joe Justin and Joe at Porch Rokr Ralph's Carnage Ralph's Carnage preparing to play. Ralph's Carnage Ralph's Carnage Ralph's Carnage Horns Ralph's Carnage Ralph Carney Ralph's Carnage As I walked around Highland Square I took in bits and pieces of lots of bands - unfortunately(for me) this year there were only a couple of band I was into. It was still fun though.... Legion House in Sun Horseshoes 'Horseshoes' at the City Cleaners Company Picnic. Company Picnic 'Cake' Corn Hole Tournament 'Cornhole Tournament' Corn Hole Tournament Corn Hole Tournament Corn Hole Tournament Corn Hole Tournament Lily Pads "Lily Pads in the Canal"

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