Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekend Potpourri

Wild Flower Bokeh Over the weekend I finally had a little bit of time to enjoy my new camera and start to figure out what it is capable of. I didn't shoot anything amazing - just some everyday stuff - as I'm learning the feel and controls of it. As I've always maintained - good photographs can be taken with any kind of camera - and awesome cameras won't make bad photographs good. All that being said, a really nice camera can help you push things a little farther. I can tell already that the 6D has a larger dynamic range than the 7D - more levels of light between the darks and highlights. The camera also has amazing auto-focus in very dim situations - not to mention much less noise at higher ISO's (and an insane maximum ISO). The large sensor allows for great shallow depth of field in images(as shown above). I'm already having fun with it and I'm looking forward to really putting it through its paces(and getting some prints made - the ultimate test of image quality).

On the Vine
I went down to Big Bend on Friday and shot a bunch of photos with an old plastic 50mm lens I have that I used to use on my Canon Rebel XT. Its my widest lens at f/1.8 and I shot it wide open for most images - you know - just having some artsy-fun. River on the Towpath This part of the Towpath was still underwater on Friday evening. Mile 33 Full Frame Fun. I can't wait to get a good lens on this beast. I haven't decided which one I'm going to buy yet - I'm also trying to decide if I want to sell other gear to help fund it.
'Josh at the Fire' - this was shot at ISO 25,600 - it was already getting dark out. The image is a little noisy but the fact is for most of photographic history you couldn't have even imagined taking a photo in this light(w/o a tripod and someone holding real still).
'Mexican Restaurant' - ISO 1600 - almost no visible noise. By the way - Mi Casa by the Hartville Flea Market is a pretty great place. Get the Hawaiian Burrito! Petunias 'Petunias in Full Sun' Veggies The veggies are growing. Potting Mix 'Gardening' - got a lot of stuff in pots today. I climbed up on a ladder for this shot - I used a flash for some fill.

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