Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Break in the Weather

Forest Scene 109
I planned on getting out in the woods this morning no matter what(well, as long as there wasn't a major downpour). I left around 7am and actually had a little bit of sun - I did however have to try about three different places in the Valley before I found one that was open(flood damage). I hiked a trail in Peninsula and took a spur I had never been on before - I followed it along a small creek. The most exciting part of the hike was just how green everything is now - I haven't gotten out much this Spring so all that color felt awesome.

Flows This was a four second exposure - I like the dreamy effect it has on the flowing creek. Oak Leaf Study "Oak Leaf Study" Wild Flowers 'Wild Flowers' - this type of spring flower can be seen all along the roads in the Valley right now. Crossing 'Crossing that Bridge' Spider Web Study #7
I almost walked face first into this - saw it at the last second. Skeeter Season 'Skeeter Season'

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