Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Fullest Frame

Mom and Dad 'Mom and Dad'
I had an event to shoot late this morning and as I went about getting my stuff together I tested out my Canon 7D. Nothing - it wasn't working at all. After messing around with it for a bit I was able to get it to turn on - but it was too risky to shoot an event worrying about my camera getting stuck at a key moment. I made a decision - enough of this - I walked into Dodd Camera and bought myself a Canon 6D. It was a trial by fire and the new camera pulled it off. The layout is fairly similar to the 7D with one big exception - no little joystick for selecting focusing point or zooming around an image preview. Besides that(which I'm sure I'll get used to) everything went well.

First 6D Selfie 'First 6D Selfie' - A full review of what I think of the camera will have to come later after many more shots and under various conditions - but I do have some first impressions. The camera is lighter than the 7D and doesn't feel quite as rugged. It is a little smaller too - which is pretty amazing because it has a larger sensor(what is known as "full frame" because it is the size of a 35mm negative). Its focusing in a dim room is accurate and fast - it felt even faster than the 7D. The LCD preview screen is very bright and clear. Front Garden One of the great things about a full frame camera is the depth of field. This image of our freshly planted front garden reminds me of my film cameras. I've read lots of reviews of the 6D and the similar 5d Mark III and many of commenters talk about making the jump in sensor size - they all talk about how different the images "feel". Just from a few shots I took around the yard I think I know what they mean. I can't wait to see what some landscapes look like.
Anyways - there is obviously much more to come in regards to this new weapon in my arsenal....

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