Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hocking Hills Roll #2

Laura As mentioned multiple times my Canon 7D died on our trip to Hocking Hills a few weekends ago - so I shot lots of film. Here are some of my favorites from the second roll(which is actually the first roll - I just scanned the other first...)

On the Fire Tower Laura on the historic fire tower. The Cabin Our Cabin from the outside. Cabin Interior Diptych
Our cabin from the inside - long exposures with tripod. Stepping Up Laura on the steps. Buckeye Sapling Buckeye sapling - demonstrating my favorite lens's artistic qualities. Stop 'Private Property' Laura and Gitzo 'Laura and Gitzo' - on the Cedar Falls Trail. Walk the Planks 'Walk the Planks' Laura and Falls Study #5 'Laura and Falls' - at Rock House. Convertible Bathroom 'Convertible Bathroom'
Are you sick of Hocking Hills photos yet? I hope not - I have another roll of black and white and one of color to develop and post....

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yussssssssss! Thanks for sharing!!