Friday, May 23, 2014

Heimatland Restaurant

Heimatland Restaurant Last night Laura and I drove to Brunswick to pick up her Grandma and take her out to eat. We saw that there was a well-reviewed German restaurant nearby so we decided to try it. It is inside a kind-of-strip-mall but the place still has great atmosphere - with original paintings of German towns and countryside scenes everywhere. They had a pretty extensive menu - and everything we had was great. I had a sausage platter, Laura the pierogies, and her Grandma the Paprikas(everything came with a selection of sides) - washed down with some German draft beer. If you happen to find yourself at 303 and 71 definitely check it out.

Laura and Grandma 'Laura and Grandma' - This was shot at ISO 1600 on my 6D. I'm finding myself more and more impressed with this camera.

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