Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hocking Hills Roll #1

Directions 3
I finally got around to developing some of my film from my Hocking Hills trip with Laura last weekend. I always use a two reel tank when I develop - this was the first time I filled both reels and developed two rolls at once. Everything came out well - as it should - but I'm still proud of any analogue "first" for me.... Anyways - I got one roll scanned which is the middle roll of the three I shot. Much of it was taken at the main tourist site in Hocking Hills - Old Man's Cave. It was our first hike up to the Upper Falls - last time here we hiked to the Lower Falls and then down the Hocking River a piece. Maybe it was a good thing my digital camera died on this trip - some of these are cool in black and white. Glass half full kinda guy, eh?

Old Man's Cave The hot spot - Old Man's Cave. Its cool to see so many foreigners here, "You could have went anywhere - and you chose Ohio". Peeking "Peeking" - Hocking Hills
Upper Falls
"Upper Falls" - look at Laura up there on the bridge! Woot! Woot! Laura nand My Shadow She looks at me, I look in my camera, you look at my shadow. ok? Old Church through Trees This cool abandoned church and accompanying cemetery was right around the corner from our cabin. We passed it multiple times and when the light was right I had to pull over. I shot a lot here. I thought this through-the-trees photo was more interesting than most of the "clear" images i took of the church.

Old Church(steeple)
"The Steeple" (no people) Fire Tower THE FIRE TOWER. We climbed this rickety old thing in what seemed like a wind storm. I've probably never been closer to death. Terror crept over me deeper with every flight of stairs. They don't build 'em like they used to - thank the maker.  Every step higher made me think of another newspaper headline "Two Killed in Tragic Fire Tower Collapse" "1930s Tower Collapses - Two Dead"  "Why Would You Climb This?!?!?"  I'll have some pictures from the top when I develop the next roll.... Looking Up Looking up at the most horrifying man made structure on the planet.
Parts 2 and 3 to follow soon.

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