Monday, January 16, 2012

Wine and Eyes

Warm All Over
After diner tonight my girlfriend and I were enjoying a bottle of red wine and a fire. When I got up I noticed the way the glasses an bottles were sitting on the coffee table in front of the fire - it seemed to make for an extremely strong composition and I had to grab my camera. I took a few shots of the glasses and bottle meticulously arranging them for the perfect photo. The shot above was a 4 second exposure - the side lighting comes from the television.
After a few of those I had Laura move into the shot - I took the picture with the lens wide open(f/2.8) to have the bottle in focus and Laura blurred. I thought her eyes on the camera were perfect and her outfit ads a bit of irony.
Wine and Eyes
I couldn't decide which shot I liked better so I posted them both.

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