Friday, January 27, 2012

Negative Attention

Changing Bag
I did it. I developed my own film...
Above you see my hands in my new changing bag which is used to take the film out of its canister, spool it on the reel and place it in the developing tank. I had planned on making a room light-tight for this process but it turned out to be too much of a pain. The changing bag was only 20 bucks anyways - and was probably a better bet for total darkness.
When I was researching how long to develop my Kodak Tri-X 400 for(in Kodak HC-110) I found all kinds of different information - but pretty much everyone said Kodak's numbers were too short. I ended using "dilution b" at 68 degrees for 6 minutes with 5 second agitation every 30 seconds. These numbers can get real nerdy, real different and hotly debated so I went with what seemed like averages...
Negative Attention

The Supplies
The Tools
My negatives are currently drying in the bathroom(the most dust free room in the house) and I plan to cut them and scan them soon. It will probably take getting a few rolls under my belt and some online critiques before I can really tell how I'm doing. There are so many variables - from the in camera exposure to the developing time, temps, agitation etc... for now I'm just extremely thrilled to see images show up at all!
Drying Spools

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