Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Rules

My love for photography began in my High School photography class - shooting my parent's Minolta XG1 and Kodak Tri-X. One day our class took a field trip to Brandywine Falls to learn about shutter speed(blurring water/freezing water). I took a couple friends on a crazy hike down the side of the valley to get some different perspectives than the rest of the class - it was a fairly dangerous hike and we almost missed the bus back to school. Unfortunately, I exposed the whole roll of film while developing it(didn't have the tank lid on right).
Overall I learned a ton from that class - and you should really know the rules of photography(even though like any set of rules they are meant to be broken). 
The Rules
Laura and I were at Brandywine Falls the other day and I was telling her the above story. When we got home and I starting looking through my photos I really liked this one - it follows two important rules I learned in that class - 'rule of thirds' and 'leading lines'....thanks Mr. Pierson!

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