Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Towpath Hike

Numeral Tree
Today I went for a long hike from the Farm to Deep Lock. I kinda wanted to check out some of the fields that the Szalay's used to farm(meadow below) and I also was looking for old foundations of buildings that used to be around. I like to document some of the history of the Cuayhoga Valley from the 40s-70s because the park does not. They tend to go from the Canal Era to the WPA straight to present time. If I live to be an old man much of the history of more modern farming in the valley will be overgrown and lost. I take many photos that I don't even post(because they aren't that great artistically) but I want to have them for their documentary value.
Old Field

This is from a foundation to a small house that the Szalays' use to lease to a lady named Mrs. Hunt - the field behind here is still known as 'the Hunt Field'.
Remnants XVIII

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