Saturday, January 14, 2012

Corrected Follies in Bad Light

Cartoon Gabe
Square Records has to be about the worst place to shoot a musician I can imagine. It is an all white room with beige ceilings and florescent lighting - not to mention half of the "stage" is obscured by a wall. You're meter will be wrong, your bounce flash will have and ugly cast and you can forget trying to shoot it with the natural light. The challenge this night was compounded by the fact that when Steve and Gabe play they are usually hunched over a table. I decided to shoot the whole thing with the idea of Photoshop-trickery in mind. Gabe and Steve both play catchy/poppy music but with loops and strange electronical noises so I figured some different post processing would fit them better than "straight photography" anyways....

"Steve X 2"
Steve X 2

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