Friday, January 6, 2012

Polaroid Spectra AF Test

Deer SkullMe
A while back my roommate bought a strange looking Polaroid camera from the thrift store and left it with me when he moved out. I never thought about it much as it seemed to be some specialized medical type thing. The other day I pulled it out of the basement to give it a closer inspection. Turns out it is a Canfield camera made to show the damage of UV rays on skin - I'll post more about this camera later - the important thing is that the case had 6 packs of 990 Polaroid film which works in Spectra Cameras. I have two Spectra cameras so today I decided to see if it still worked(it expired in May of 2007) in my Spectra AF. Above are my first four shots - the color is a little off but the images are pretty decent. It was pretty exciting because my last attempt to shoot expired Polaroids failed(that was 600 film and much older).
More Polaroids soon...

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