Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cold Fingers

The Backside
This morning when I got to work I snapped a few photos it snowing pretty heavily. I've always believed in the saying, "if its gonna be cold, it might as well be snowing" - especially photographically.
When I take photos in the cold I always seem to take my gloves off to adjust something on my camera or gear - before I know it I'm shooting away, totally consumed by trying to get a good shot, when I realize my fingers are so cold they are burning. Every year, every snow, without fail - freezing fingers. Maybe writing this post will remind me me to put my damn gloves back on!  
Towpath BridgeRiverview Road


Nikki said...

I find that shooting with a fairly thin pair of leather gloves gives me pretty good control. I don't typically change lenses with any gloves on though.

Tim Fitzwater said...

I need to invest - all the work gloves I try to use aren't warm enough - and my winter gloves are to bulky.

Nikki said...

Wilson's Leather has an outlet store up in Aurora Farms Outlets. I think the pair I got from them cost like $20 so they aren't too expensive.