Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Minolta Gear, Polaroid Film, and The River

Minolta Score!
I scored all of the above Minolta gear at an estate sale on Saturday. The best thing about it was, beside the camera body, I didn't have any of the other stuff. One lens is a 28mm - now my widest lens for my Minolta's and another is a 50mm macro - my only macro lens. I got this all for $45 in a nice camera bag.
Polaroid 600 Plus Film
Also in the bag was this pack of Polaroid 600 Plus film. I'm debating what to do with it. Its expiration date is a very old 1992. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to attempt to shoot it, leave it as a sealed on display on my shelf, or attempt to sell it "as is". I think it is highly unlikely it will work - but you never know.

River Runs High
Today I went for a drive through the Cuyahoga Valley - between the snow melt and recent rain I had heard that the river was really high - I wanted to see it. I took the above shot from Akron-Peninsula Road near Szalay's Farm's southern fields. The river was higher than I have ever seen it without it flooding - some of the fields were under water. There is going to be a lot of repair work on the fences this spring....


Anonymous said...

Nice set, great find!

Anonymous said...

You should try to shoot that Polaroid film.