Monday, February 28, 2011

First Shots - SRT-101

On the Fence
These are some of the photos from the first roll of film I shot with my Minolta SRT-101 since I fixed it - they were shot on long-expired 35mm Fuji Superia 400 film. I had them developed, printed, and scanned by Dodd Camera - the scans were better than those I got from but still not good enough to change my mind about buying a film scanner(see a couple posts down). The files were 3000-2000 pixels at 400dpi. The thing I was most happy about though was finding out that my camera worked - I was afraid I'd get the negatives back with nothing on them....
Cranz Barn
It was interesting shooting the old Minolta and the variety of lenses I have for it - almost like a photography history lesson. I have a couple more old rolls of film that I'm going to try in my Minolta X-700 and X-570 to see if I succeeded at fixes the light seals on those too. Then I'm going to start shooting some of the new rolls of 35mm I've bought.

Here are a few more...
Bath Nature Preserve
Laura Sunset
Sky & Shadows
I have even more posted in a flickr set.

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Great shots!