Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pull the Trigger

Remote Trigger
As any regular reader of this blog knows I take a lot of self-portraits - usually to test out lighting techniques. The problem I always have is getting the focus right and then getting into the frame before the self-timer goes off. So I decided to order these remotes from They actually sent me a nicer model than the ones on the website - and they were only 11 bucks.
As you can see from the above photo they work fine - you press the button half way to focus and then all the way to take the shot. The range on the radio triggers is claimed to be 300 ft. - I look forward to testing that out when the weather is a little better.
With most camera gear being outrageously expensive its awesome to spend just $11 on something that works as advertised....


Anonymous said...

Only $11, wow! Gotta love the Chinese.

Rob said...

I need one of these for my Nikon D700.