Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Aperture, 35mm, and Polaroids

As previously mentioned I stopped by Aperture, a newish photography store in Tremont, on Saturday afternoon. The store focuses on film photography such as Polaroids, Medium-format, 35mm, Black and White, and Color. They have a pretty wide selection of vintage cameras and are one of a handful of certified dealers of The Impossible Project's film(for Polaroids). The store also acts as a gallery and is starting to host events. I picked up a couple rolls of 35mm film - Kodak Porta 160VC and some Iford XP2 400 B&W(which can be developed like C41). I plan to shoot those rolls in a couple of my Minolta SLRs.
Polaroid 600s
I've never been a huge Polaroid guy but I recently picked up the above 600 film cameras really cheap...and I might sell a few of them(I've promised my face book page fans the first crack at them). I also have a SX-70 One Step Sonar(not for sale!)that after seeing the PX 70 PUSH film at Aperture I really want to try out. Next time I'm up there I'm going to buy some.
I should have the first roll of film I've run through my SRT-101 posted soon...


Anonymous said...

Wow, nice Polaroid collections.

David S. said...

I need one of these! I want to get some of the Impossible film.