Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ol' Timey Photos

70's Winter
The prints that I ordered from MPix.com(and talked about in this post) are in the mail right now and I'm currently shooting a long-expired roll of 35mm in my Minolta SRT-101. I can't wait to see what everything is going to look like.  I envision the photos from my Minolta looking like the shots above and below. I took these this morning with my Canon 7D and gave them the old-photo-look in Photoshop. I used a brownish/bronzey gradient layer and then adjusted the contrast. I added a vignette for a finishing touch.
Hopefully in the next few days I'll be posting the real thing(film dummies)...
From My Porch

It was pretty out this morning - cold, clear and covered in new snow - so I took this shot of the Zipper City World Headquarters.
Zipper City World HQ


Anonymous said...

I like your old school look.

Rob said...

I look forward to seeing your actual film shots. I think I may break out my old Pentax here soon.