Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oldies but Goodies

Eric and Tic Tac Fairlawn Lanes
My sister recently gave me a printer she wasn't using which also has a flatbed scanner on it. Today I was testing out the quality by scanning some of my old photos. The quality isn't the greatest but I used it to upload a bunch of classic pics of friends and family to Facebook. The two above were a couple of my all time favorites so, despite the quality, I put them on flickr. The B&W was taken at Indigo Lake of my friend Eric - I used a disposable black and white camera that was able to be processed like color C-41(the way most 35mm is at labs). The one on the right was taken with my Minolta XG1 of the abandoned Fairlawn Lanes building(since torn down).
With the price(too high) and quality(or lack of) of scans most labs provide when they develop film I'm starting to consider buying a better scanner. More on this in the future as I start to research the options....

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