Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lost Canoe Trip

Eric and Pat
In a previous post I mentioned that I had some rolls of 35mm that I wanted to get developed to find out what was on them. I believed that they all were from the old cameras that I've collected from thrift stores. I sent four rolls into - which turned out to be a little over-priced for the quality of the scans I got. One roll had a couple of portraits and the rest was blank and another had nothing at all. The third was some pics of college girls drinking and having some generic fun. The fourth is what made the whole thing worth while - it was a roll I shot of a canoe trip that Kyle, I and a few friends went on about four years ago. I remember Kyle and I being too nervous to bring our DSLRs on a two day canoe trip with a substantial amount of beer aboard. I brought my Minolta point and shoot sealed in a few plastic bags instead...
Getting these developed brought me back to the days when you would buy a roll of film for a specific event and then not finish it. Later you would break your camera out for something else.... and on and on until the roll was finished. By the time you got the photos back you would be surprised by what you had taken. ....good old days...
Dave and Josh
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