Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Firestone Morning

Firestone Sunrise
I always feel this need to photograph the landmarks around Akron - I think a big part of that is having witnessed the demise of many and never knowing which is the next one to go. This morning I decided to cross the iconic Firestone sign off my list. I found a parking lot on a hill across from it and shot it during the morning "magic hour". The light was perfect. I only wish I had a better lens at this focal length to use.

After photographing the Firestone sign I went for a walk along the Towpath Trail near Portage Lakes State Park.
Morning on the Canal
Goose takes flight...
Canadian Goose
Sunrise over the former Young's Restaurant sight.
Young No More


Rob said...

Neat pictures. Just curious, what would a better lens help with on the Firestone picture?

TimJayFitz said...

I had to remove some color fringing with Photoshop and it could be a tad sharper. There is something intangible I notice when I shoot with better lenses.