Wednesday, March 23, 2011

St. Pat's on Film

Green Beer
On St. Patrick's Day I decided to shoot with my Nikon L35 AF and Fuji Super HQ 200 film. It was a fun camera to use and most of the shots came out pretty well. The film was expired - I bought 4 rolls of it for a buck at an estate sale. I did miss with the auto-focus a few times - unlike modern AF cameras there is no confirmation of the focus(no beep or anything). Most of the auto-exposures worked well too and I forced the flash up a few times for some pretty nice fill-flash(like on the small photo of Lindsey (left/bottom).
I'm glad I brought this - its much better than a few cell phone pics.
Laura and Lindsey
LindseyJosh's New Pad

Half of Steve - I reloaded the film and apparently half exposed this frame....
1/2 Steve
Steve Bishop Stuffing his face with corned beef...


Tom said...

nice film captures. do you think the expired film is affecting the colors?

Anonymous said...

Good idea, awesome.