Saturday, March 12, 2011

Instant Revival

On Friday night a few friends and I went to Aperture in Tremont to check out the opening of 'Instant Revival'. The show featured Polaroids(and enlargements of Polaroids) from some of the area's best 'instant-analog' photographers. There was some really great work, really great beer, and in general a really great vibe. We had a lot of fun checking out the photos, mingling, and drinking. As I pulled out my Canon EOS 7D I wondered aloud if this camera was excepted in such an analog venue - of course it was - and I shot a bit of the sights...

I took this with my mini-tripod outside the store.
Outside Aperture
Laura, Melissa and Lindsey in front of some of the works.
Three Nerds
The ladies and I.
Tools of the trade.
more on flickr...


Anonymous said...

yes, really fun night.

David S. said...

I have yet to get up there. I need to soon though.

Micah said...

Good photos of a good night.

TimJayFitz said...

I love going there - I forgot that I wanted to get some film for my SX-70 though. Looks like I have to go back.