Wednesday, March 30, 2011

High School Revisited

High School Parking Lot 1
My Canoscan 9000f flatbed/film scanner came in the mail late last week - I'll post a review and some comparison shots when I get a little more familiar with its functions and software.  So far I've been reading the manual and scanning a few older negative strips to get the feel for it.  I ended up searching my basement for more old photos where I found a folder with four sleeves of black and white negatives from my high school photography class.  High School Photography taught me how to use a SLR(my Minolta XG1) and really ignited my passion for photography -thank you Mr. Pierson.   
So far I've uploaded a roll I shot of some of my friends hanging out in the parking lot after school(waiting for the buses to leave). I decided not to clean up the scratches and watermarks in Photoshop - I just left them the way they were.  I'm so glad I found these - they're classics. I'm going to scan and upload some of my "artsy" high school stuff soon.
High School Parking Lot 2High School Parking Lot 5

Some more...
High School Parking Lot 3
High School Parking Lot 4
High School Parking Lot 6High School Parking Lot 9


Lia Spithas said...

like that shot of Holko.

Anonymous said...

blast from the past