Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Heavy Flow

The Dam
This morning I decided to beat the rain and go for a hike at The Gorge. Over the last week I had seen some pretty cool photos of the First Energy Dam on the Summit County Metro Park's Facebook Page. With all the snow melt and rain the river has been running really fast and I wanted to shoot it for myself. I got some good photos and I would say its the most water I've ever seen flowing over the First Energy Dam.
First Energy Dam Dam
A little history from Wikipedia:
"The FirstEnergy Dam was built by the Northern Ohio Traction & Light Co. in 1912 to serve the dual functions of generating hydropower for its local streetcar system and providing cooling-water storage for a coal-burning power plant; however, the hydropower operation was discontinued in 1958, and the coal-burning plant was decommissioned in 1991."

Below is the flume that used to direct water to the coal burning plant that has been recently torn down.
The Flume
You're humble photographer - morning face in full effect.
The Photographer
...from the overlook.
The Gorge
The roots...
The Roots

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Wow, great shots!