Thursday, January 13, 2011


Tonight I shot photographs for my nephew's youth wrestling team. I took everyone's individual shot and a team photo too.
Unfortunately I couldn't get my Canon 7D to fire one of my flashes during the full team shot. Having a bunch of restless kids and coaches eager to get on with practice isn't the best time to deal with technical difficulties. I tried to angle the flash on the umbrella stand a little better to get my 7D's flash to be able to trigger it - no luck. Finally I pulled the flash off the stand and had my girlfriend hand hold it so it could "see" my camera. I had no problems with the individual shots when the flashes(I used a 580exII and a 430ex)were close to the camera and I usually do fine with my product photography and head shots. I think from now on I need to use my Pocket Wizards(radio triggers) to remotely fire my flashes when the camera isn't going to be as close to my flashes. Lesson learned.

Ryen and TannerMy sister-in-law brought my other nephew and niece so I had them jump in front of the lens for a quick pic.

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Woops! I uploaded the wrong can see the uneven background. I'll remedy this tomorrow because I'm going to bed.