Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boring Portrait

A Studied Man
I was watching SportsCenter today and I was noticing how I love when they talk to an analyst and he/she is sitting in front of full bookshelves. I'm always trying to read what books he/she has on those shelves. It motivated me to try and take a portrait of myself in front of my shelf. Instead of the dead center, straight forward TV look I figured it would be more visually appealing to stand the way I am in the above shot. I was liking what I was seeing on the preview screen on the back of my camera but when I sat down to edit the shots I found them really flat and boring - I really like the concept of this shot but the results leave me wanting. I think my lighting is what is failing me here and I plan to try and redo this later.
I decided to post this anyways because sometimes you can learn just as much from what you don't like as from what you do like.

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Micah said...

I think its a fine portrait!