Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Ledges, Again

Dreamy Rocks
I've hiked and photographed the Kendall Ledges countless times....and I did it again yesterday. So this time out I tried to improve on some previous shots, do a little something different with the processing, or look for new angles. On the above photo I added a fair bit of saturation/vibrance and then turned the clarity slider(in ACR) all the way down. I liked the painted look it gave the shot and it was something different for me because I usually try to make my images as sharp as possible.(Buy Print)  I also used my tripod for most of the photos to enable the use of smaller aperture for more depth-of-field.
Main OverlookCornered
Laura laying down on the Main Overlook and some of the sharon sandstone that forms The Ledges.(Buy Print)

The Ledges
The view from below.(Buy Print)
A black and white view.(Buy Print)


Anonymous said...

I miss the Ledges!


Tom said...

I like the "dreamy passage" in the main photo.

Micah said...

Cool pictures.