Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The May Company

The May Company
A few evenings ago I met with new band, The May Company, to shoot some promo photographs and a few pictures their forthcoming EP. We met up where they practice - at Square Records. Some bands are especially easy to shoot because they are into their own style and looks(I refuse to use the word "hipsters" - oops!) but others are not as into getting their picture taken and can be a little more stiff - The May Company fall into the latter category. The thing I find, though is that bands that don't like to do a lot of posing and model-like-stuff tend to like shots that look less posed anyways. So for this kind of shoot I find it works best to keep the atmosphere light with lots of chatting and just keep snapping - occasionally giving some instructions. 
I went with fairly hard-lighting for the session and then a decent bit of sharping in post processing.  I call the look "newsy".  - May have to trademark that.

I haven't posted anymore shots yet(besides the below outtake) because I like the band to have the opportunity to see them first. I'll post more next week. Some were shot with my wide-angle lens and then processed with the vivid, contrasty look that has made me such a renowned photographer(har, har, har)...........
Dave and 'The Beer Wall'
This is Dave Rich adding to the 'Beer Wall'.

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TimJayFitz said...

I Googled "newsy" - it doesn't seem its being used in regards to a photographic processing style yet. Maybe i can make an 'newsy' iphone app and get really rich.