Monday, January 10, 2011

Sad Mood

Sad Mood
Not really, I'm fine, its an exercise I did for a book I started to read - The Complete Photographer by Tom Ang. The book was a Christmas gift from a good friend and I plan to do all the assignments as I progress through the book. I never (outside of High School photography) received formal photography training so I know this will be good for me.
This assignment was to make a self-portrait that was out of character - thus my sad vibe. I got the idea for the camera's perspective from a shot in the book - though I did alter it a bit.
I used three flashes to light the shot - one bounced off the ceiling, one bounced off the wall directly opposite me, and one in the bounced in the corner behind the bookcase. I'm also working on a series of lighting tutorials online....but more on that later.


TimJayFitz said...

I felt the sense of space in the shot helped the overall mood of the photo. My wide-angle lens really worked well for this.

Anonymous said...

I like the moodiness and clarity! Good job.

Anonymous said...

I might have too look into the book, I hope you keep posting about it.