Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hinckley Reservation

Whipp's Ledges
I hadn't been out to Hinckley Reservation for a few years so today I decided give it a visit. I drove around the area for a bit and then went for short hike at the Whipp's Ledges(above). It was pretty cold and very snowy - not quite ideal for photos - so I plan to return soon. There are a few places at Hinckley Reservation that I've never been.

I used a my 580exII to throw a little light on myself in the above shot. Its sitting across from me on a picnic table.
Whipp's Ledges
Its remarkable how similar this area looks to the Ritchie Ledges at Virginia Kendall - I guess it is the same kind of rock though(Sharon conglomerate).


David S. said...

You did it again, great landscapes!

Anonymous said...

Really pretty.


Anonymous said...

I grew up near here, its a great place.

Rob L.

Tom said...

It really does look like Kendall.