Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Year in Photos

Every year a I try my best to select two photos from each month to make my "Year in Photos". I just finished up - and you can view the 2014 Year in Photos right HERE. Since I've always only posted digital photos in the 'Review' I started a tradition of sharing a few of my favorite analogue photos on the post that announces the Year in Review - that would be this post!
So enjoy a filmy trip down memory lane with me, won't ya?

Monday, December 29, 2014

Ridge Line Ruins

Wagon "The hilly Schumacher Trail provides a closer look at some of Summit County's most pristine scenery." - Summit Metro Parks

Ok - lots of woods yes...but turning of the Valley link trail and towards the Schumacher trail I decided to climb a hill and walk the ridgeline and found something different. Looking into the valley below I noticed a shattered windowpane - I turned around and saw some bricks and bottles. Further inspection led me to an old foundation - then an old road, then more foundations, bottles, car parts, refrigerators and old toys. I've explored old foundations near the river before(here and here) but this was the first time I've noticed how many more structures there once were. My guess is that there were two roads running from Cuyahoga Street to Merriman at some point. Much of this land was donated to the parks by Sherman and Mary Schumacher in 1968 and more acquired later(from Valley View Golf Club?)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Return of Ghostman & Sandman

Ghostman & Sandman Drummer Greg Boyd was able to reunite his onetime Cincinnati band 'Ghostman & Sandman' for a couple of area shows - I brought my camera to the Thursday's show on Friday. The last time I saw them play was in January of 2009(photos). 'Ghostman' play there own, unique brand of surf rock - it was a blast as usual. I enjoyed the two openers as well - 'Ancestral Pearls' and the jangly, spastic Shit-Box Jimmy.
Thursday's was lit like a darkroom - dim and red - so I did my best to blend some bounced flash with the light I was given. After attempting some settings combos I hit my stride, got some good photos, and enjoyed a great night. Between the Cleveland-friends and Holidays-crowd there were a lot of great people to catch up with also....

Friday, December 26, 2014

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Firestone Elementary A little while back the Knight Foundation sponsored an Akron2Detroit trip to tour some neighborhoods to see what was working and what the challenges were. When the group returned they started doing the same thing but here at home. They ended up deciding to open it up to the public and held the first Akron2Akron neighborhood tour in Firestone Park on Saturday. Rick Stockburger led the way starting from the Firestone Park Community Center which is right across from the elementary school. We took a walk through the residential neighborhood, to the Bridgestone Technical Center, The Library, The Aster Business District and grabbed some drinks after at Park Place Pub.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Night at the Museum

Missile Toe Missile Toe, "The World's Greatest Christmas Band," takes your favorite Christmas songs and turns them into punk rock rave-ups. I always love seeing them and it was cool in the Museum - I'm glad they had them play in the front under the glass atrium - as you can see in the photos it was a really great setting. I also love that the Museum has good, local beers on tap - I had an Elevator Winter Warmer and a Thirsty Dog Citra Dog. 
Missile Toe has a few shows left this season - check out their facebook page. I haven't made it for a few years but there is something about seeing them on Christmas - this year's show is at the Matinee - I'm making it a point to be there.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Emma & Tony

Emma and Tony Emma and Tony, two friends of mine who I know through Laura, got married over the weekend. I always know there is going to be a paid wedding photographer at these things and everyone else will be snapping like crazy with their cellphones - but I still can't resist getting a few good shots with my gear. My goal this to not intrude on the professional guy's turf too much- so I tried to limit myself.
Anyways - Tony and Emma are awesome and we all had a great time - I wish them the best of luck!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Instant Christmas, Instant Classics

Laura and I have developed a Christmas tree decorating tradition over the last few years - it involves drinking Corsendonk Christmas Ale, listening to the album 'Once Upon a Christmas' by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, and a wood fire in the fireplace. When we were at the Eastman House in Rochester, NY about a year ago we picked up a Hanging Polaroid Mobile in the gift shop - so we thought it would be fun to shoot a Pack of 990 film in my Spectra 2 and hang the Polaroids as a decoration.  These are the scans of the Polaroids - "Instant Christmas, Instant Classics".

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Christmas Story House

A Christmas Story House
I was finally starting to feel better after being sick all week so Laura decided to take me on a surprise date that she had planned. We started off in Tremont at "A Christmas Story House & Museum". Neither of us had ever been there before - and I think it is a duty of any Northeast Ohioan to make the pilgrimage. Its well known that the movie was initially a flop and caught steam and became a cult classic later - but I can't remember it ever not being a part of my Christmas's. Maybe it is the local connections - my Dad always telling us he was in Higbees when the Santa Set was up - or having friends who's parents were in the Revere High School marching band when they were in the parade scene in Public Square etc.
The neighborhood(only a few blocks off 14th in Tremont) was a little hectic on a Saturday a few week before Christmas. Neighbors sell parking spaces but we decided to find a space on the street and walk a little. If you go its worth noting that you need to buy a ticket from the gift shop across the street before you get in line - we found out by asking the couple in front of us. I think we probably waited about 30-45 minutes to get in - but I that is to be expected - and even though they are open year around this is the time of year we wanted to be there.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Its A Sweater!

Sweaters If you don't know where the reference in the title comes from you should probably drop what you're doing and go watch "Three Amigos" - and perhaps examine what other poor decisions led you to this point in your life in general.
Anywho, I've been sick all week so I decided I should stay inside today and work on a few things. I worked on fixing some coding things with the website and blog, like getting the links to Instagram and Pinterest to be live. I started an Instagram account a few weeks ago - but I don't use it in the truest form as I don't have an iphone or android - I downloaded a android emulator called BlueStacks. I mostly got it so I can follow friends and people on Instagram but I do post some stuff there too - you can follow me here. Hopefully soon Sprint will get a phone that I want and I can use apps for real.
My Pinterest page is here if you are interested in that kind of thing.
After working on all that boring stuff I had to get away from the computer for a while - so I set up some lights and shot a few photo ideas I had - the above sweater image being one. I like the texture and lighting I achieved - but should have gotten the shirts more even and straight. A friend just suggested using some lengths of pvc inside them - a great idea.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Black Friday

Dad Black Friday is always one of my favorite days - but not because I do serious shopping - because my family and I head to Cleveland and drink our Black Friday. This year we decided to start out at Hofbrauhaus to try and beat the large crowds that have been showing up since it opened recently. When we got there it was nearly empty but when we left there was already a line to get in. After drinks and food we headed over to the West Side Market and then on to Nano Brew. We used to always stop in Great Lakes for a Christmas Ale but with all the little ones it is usually too crowded to bother. After a brief nap back at home we headed downtown Akron for the Tree Lighting and fireworks - which seem to get better every year. A full day - Laura and I were in bed not much later than 9 o'clock.