Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009


About a year ago my friend Pete Milo asked me to do some photos for a new music project he was working on. After the shoot we were looking through some of the photos in Google's photo-editing program Picasa. I accidently clicked on something and it turned the photos into a time-lapse style movie. We started messing around with this feature - throwing more photos I had of Pete in it and adding some music. Eventually the obvious hit us - let's add his song and turn this into a real video. We did a few more shoots but then kind of moved on and never finished it. Today I started to think of this project after seeing a video Ted Mallison made for the Akron band Drummer. So I decided to finish it up and put it on the old YouTube.
It took over 1,000 photos to make this...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Deere at Dawn

Nothing Runs Like a DeereDown at the farm we've switched over to our fall hours. I don't have to be there as early but since I'm so used to waking up I decided to head on down before work with my camera on Tuesday. I wanted to capture some of the really pretty foggy scenes I've seen from the tractor on my way to the fields in the mornings this summer. On this morning the sun hadn't burned off enough of the fog yet for me to get much besides a mostly white picture that I could've sold as a postcard titled "valley in the morning" to dumb tourists. The sun coming over the top of the trees on the valley wall did however make for some cool, diffused side-lighting that you can see on this photo of a couple of the tractors. In the foreground is the John Deere 7830 and in the back is the 4WD 7820.
These days the most common place to see a Deere & Co. logo is on a t-shirt or baseball cap - at the farm we have a phrase for these farm gear enthusiasts and K-Mart cowboys, "all hat, no cattle."