Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Super Soaked

I spent Memorial Day with my family at my parent's house. This is my nephew and niece, Zane and Ryen, playing with my old Super Soaker. There were a few summers growing up where everyone I knew had one Super Soaker or another - and all we did was blast each other all day long...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Stimulating Dam

Kendall Lake Empty
Over the weekend I went hiking at Virginia Kendall. When I came upon Kendall Lake it stunned me to see it empty - then I remembered reading in the paper that they were going to dredge the lake and fix the dam(which was over-topped in the 2003 flood).
The lake, shelters, and trails at Kendall were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the late 30's - a New Deal program now subject to conservative revisionism history (the idea that the New Deal prolonged the Great Depression instead of helping cure it). It seems to me that the arguments used to try to discredit FDR's programs are the same as the ones used to try to discredit Obama and the recently passed stimulus bill. During the Great Depression the CCC took unemployed men and put them to work for the public good - with the current tanking of new construction much of todays's stimulus dollars will be having a similar effect -more work. Putting people to work puts money in people's pockets - putting money in people's leads to consumer spending and consumer spending is what is needed to jump start the stalled economy.

This is what I was thinking about watching the crew work on the lake...I would like to note though that this project had been planned pre-stimulus. The Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which Virginia Kendall is part of, did receive federal stimulus money for other projects.

Monday, May 11, 2009

B-Day Fun

On Saturday my friend Sara had a birthday party for her and Wes's daughter, Mia, over at her parent's house. I rarely use E-TTL mode on my flash('electronic through the lens' which fires a pre-flash for automatically determining flash output)- as I rarely use direct on-camera flash, but I've found lately it does work well for fill flash outside. Its also benifical when you don't want to miss a moment looking at your flash and adjusting settings(especially when its a bunch of kids running around). I was also messing around using slightly longer exposures with the flash to add a bit of motion to some of the shots. Some of them turned out pretty cool. I always find that these family/friend events are good low pressure opportunities to try something new or different...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blue-Hen Re-Shoot

Blue Hen Falls
I decided to drive back out to Blue Hen Falls in the Cuyahoga Valley to get some better shots of the waterfalls there. The last time I went it was real sunny out and I wasn't very happy with the results. This time it was cloudy -which enabled me to use a slower shutter speed and give the water a smoother appearance.

While I feel my nature photography still has a long way to go I was much more satisfied with my photos on this outing.

Monday, May 4, 2009

East Park

East Park
The weather on Saturday afternoon was so perfect I decided I needed to get out and snap some photos. I wasn't sure where I wanted to go so I just hopped on West Market and started driving toward downtown. I ended up on Bartges Street shooting some pictures of the former B.F. Goodrich headquarters(now Canal Place). One my way back to my car I noticed there was a little park along the canal between two condo complexes. I walked down there and snapped some more - the park runs between Bartges and Dart Ave. It was a pleasant surprise to find a little slice of Akron I never knew existed.
Canal PlaceDuckEast Park
(The big photo and the photo in the bottom right are taken from the same exact location. The big one at 10mm with my wide angle lens - the bottom right with my 50mm)