Wednesday, February 24, 2016


The Knight Foundation and GAR sponsored another trip in their Akron2---- series, this time it was Akron2Columbus and organized by Liz Walters. This was my first time being invited. We left from the Art Museum on Sunday afternoon and returned Monday evening. We started out at the Columbus Idea Foundry then met for dinner at and with the owners of Market 59. The next day was a combination of DIY activities and organized group events. I learned much from out trip to Columbus, and much of it from my fellow Akronites on the trip.
Check out the hashtag #Akron2Columbus on twitter to see what everyone else learned and saw.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

That One Time Downtown

That One Time Downtown
The story telling series "That One Time Downtown" had its first event of the year on Thursday at DBA in the Northside District. Dina Younis and her sister, Nari Younis, told one of their family's favorite stories that took place during their childhood in Jordan. Barbara Feld spoke of an experience she had with Yo-Yo Ma, and Greg Pennypacker told stories from his adventures as world traveler. This monthly series, that started last year on the lawn at Cascade, moves to a different location each month with new speakers and Heather Burns as the MC.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Collide CF

Last night I went to the second meeting held by a new arts group in Cuyahoga Falls - now known as Collide at the Cashmere Cricket. It was also hosted by ArtsNow(who provided some tasty snack and some of the best pretzels ever). The new group's, led by Molly Hartong and Matt Weiss, goal is to gather like minded creatives and promote culture and arts in The Falls. Getta Cornici and Samantha Coldwell gave a presentation on this summer's Better Block that will take place Downtown on the Pedestrian Mall. Amber Genet was there with LoveCF where you could write your love letter to Cuyahoga Falls. The best aspect of the night, though, was the chance to meet and mingle with other people interested in the arts in the area(well, and the great beer selection at the Cashmere Cricket).

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Steps in Snow

Snow Day
People were out with their cellphones and cameras shooting photos everywhere yesterday in NorthEast Ohio. It was a perfect December-like snow that covers and sticks to everything. I have been to busy lately to really hit the woods or shoot landscapes - but I did stop for a minute to snap some shots atop the Glendale Steps.
The snow is still beautifully clinging to everything...but I have run out of daylight again today.

Friday, February 12, 2016

TorchBearers 13th Anniversary

Last night I photographed the TorchBearers Anniversary Party at the Tangier. Amanda Leffler received the Distinguished Alumnus Award and Russ Pry the Friend of Young Leaders Award. There were remarks by past and present TB leader as well as good, drink, food and friends.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Columbus Visit

Land Grant Brewing
Last weekend I made the trip down 71 to Columbus and visited my friend Brad. We picked a great weekend as the weather was beautiful. We hiked, we skated, we bar crawled, and we took a trip down memory lane(also known as High Street). Brad had the chance to show me a Columbus I hadn't seen before - partly because it didn't really exist the last time I was there and partly because many of my previous CBus trips were campus-centric. I've always had a blast in The Capitol, and I should have snapped some more photos, but the important and best thing was catching up with one of my oldest friends.
This was a good teaser trip too because I'm going to explore Columbus a little more in depth on a Knight Foundation trip there next month called Akron2Columbus.