Saturday, January 31, 2015

Time Capsules Opening

Arts Sometimes I like to browse through antique malls and without much intention of purchasing - its almost like a historic art gallery or museum - I just appreciate the beauty of the objects. Last night at the opening of "Time Capsules" at the Summit Artspace it was a similar vibe. But the things from those antique malls had been deconstructed and then put back together to create something totally new and unique. The works, called assemblages, were made by three Northeast Ohio artists - Bret Hines, Terry Klausman, and Gwen Waight. Being an opening there was quite a crowd and I didn't really get to check out some of the pieces as much as I would have liked(or get many photos). I think I'll have to make a point to return and see the show again before it closes.

My Reflection
Hey - there I am.
"Obsolete" by Terry Klausman
Trunk Art
I'm a little annoyed with myself for forgetting to take notes on the names and artists who made the pieces. I've promised myself from now on to do this so this blog can actually be kind of informational.
Wall Art
Wall Art

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