Monday, January 5, 2015

Kyle @ Knight

My friend Kyle has always been a willing subject for my photography and lighting experiments over the years. We've taken turns shooting each other countless times - so it was no big deal when he called me to schedule a portrait session. I thought nothing of the fact that he wanted to update his business headshot. What he wasn't allowed to tell me at the time though, was that the shot was for this press release -
"The Knight Foundation announced that Kyle Kutuchief, an Akron native and talent and community engagement specialist, will join Knight as interim program director in Akron effective immediately."
On a personal level I'm super-excited for my friend's opportunity - as an Akronite and fan of the work Knight does I couldn't be happier because I believe this is a perfect fit for both sides.

This being a photography blog and all I'll talk a little photography:
Some Dummy
I got this dummy to sit in for my tests shots so I could have the lighting roughed-in before Kyle arrived. Being a business headshot I wasn't planning on trying anything too crazy -  I used a couple lights on the background, a large softbox to the upper right, a foamcore reflector left, and a light slightly behind and left for some highlights.
Studio Set-up
My friend Rick suggested using a posing table - which I had never done before - and now I don't think I'd want to take a headshot without. It helps keep the subject where you have the light - but more than that it loosened up the vibe of the photo. It helps make the portrait not so stiff and straight. There is also the added benefit of reflecting some light back up on the face and under the chin.

I pick up a lot of tricks and tips from the internet - but nothing is as valuable as having a friend with decades of experience in the business.

Anyways - what an awesome day for such a great friend - I'm glad I had a little, tiny role to play in it.

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