Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow & Shadows

I haven't got out on many snow-covered-hikes in the Cuyahoga Valley this winter - I've mostly been shooting indoors for work. Seeing my friends' instagram feeds full of beautiful wooded scenes has had me pining for the trees(get it?). So I made a point to head to my favorite spot last night - the Langes Run Trail from the Wetmore Trailhead. After a few weeks of some bad news it was nice to forget about everything for a few hours and meditate with my camera in beautiful, winter light...

Long Shadows
"Texture and Long Shadows"
Shadows and Snow
"Light in Darkness"
There were tons of animal track - barely any recent human tracks - just the way I like it. I followed some coyote prints for a while but I surprisingly didn't see any animals besides bird and squirrels.
Natural Ornaments
"Natural Ornaments"
I like the two wearing the little snow hats.
Shallow Depth
"Snow on Branch Study"
Tree and Sky
"Big Tree, Blue Sky"
Trees and Sky
"Branches II"
House and Sky
"Empty Home, Winter Light"

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