Friday, January 9, 2015

Ice Cold Sunrise

Sunrise Yesterday morning I decided I wanted to see the sunrise over the snowy landscape. Unfortunately I knew my car wouldn't make it out of the neighborhood - so I walked down to Canyon Trail Park. I was well bundled up with Carhartt bib overalls and everything. The sun rose, I snapped a few decent shots, and walked back home. When I got to the door I went to put my memory card in my pocket so I could leave my camera in the bag so it would slowly warm up(avoiding condensation) but I couldn't make my fingers work to open the card door. I could barely even zip up the bag. I guess while I was snapping away I wasn't paying any attention to how cold my fingers were getting - when I got inside they burned for ten minutes. I need to remember to be more careful out there...

Akron Haze
There is a view cool(cold) of the Akron skyline from the park - photos don't do it any justice though since the trees obscure it. Canyon Trail Park
"Snow Day"
Face The Sun "Facing the Sun"

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