Thursday, January 22, 2015

Studio Self Portraits

Beauty Dish Man Yesterday I had a photo shoot in the studio - they were portraits that were going to be used to pitch an ad campaign. As usual I set up and took some test shots beforehand to be ready - and I also stuck around after to try out a few things. Above is one of those after shots - I've built my own beauty dish-like modifiers before but never used a proper one in the studio. I lowered the dish directly over the camera and just a couple feet from my face. The effect is as expected - cool, contrasty, wrap-around light with the signature round catchlights in the eyes.

Lighting Evolution
"Lighting Evolution"
The above shows my build up to a three-light-setup. I started with a gridded softbox to the right, added a light reflecting off foam core to the left to fill in the harsh shadows a bit, and then added a light above to the left with a grid-spot for some highlights - and the various attempts to dial in the power output in between. I used the old camera as a prop to cover up my bandaged finger.
Posed with Bronica
...and the final, edited result.

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