Sunday, February 1, 2015

Akron2Akron: North Hill

Yesterday I participated in the second Akron2Akron neighborhood walking tour - this time we were in North Hill. The tour started at Urban Vision, which is in a beautiful old church, and learned a little bit about their mission. We toured the facilities and stopped in the room housing Neighbors Apparel - who employ and train refugees living in North Hill in making apparel. The group was large and the stops small - so we split into three groups before we hit the streets. My group first walked to Morris's International Market - a store specializing in African groceries. We sampled drinks and snacks and learned about the unique items they sell.

Urban Vision
Urban Vision's amazing sanctuary - while Kyle talks about the Knight Foundation's involvement.
Urban planner Jason Segedy.
Ohio patches at Neighbors Apparel.
Shirt Shopping
Checking out some of the cool products made by Neighbors Apparel.
I am a Neighbor
"I Am A Neighbor"
Neighbors Apparel
Shirts made with fair-trade fabric.
Morris's International Market "Morris's International Market" - now I know where to find corn husks when I want to attempt making real tamales!!!
We sampled a few of the various drinks and snacks popular with the immigrant community.
Family Groceries
After Morris's we took a tour of Family Groceries on North Main. Naresh showed us the items that his mainly Nepalese and Bhutanese clients purchase.

Rice "Rice"
Naresh Naresh giving us a background on his and the store's history.
Bitter Fruits
The produce section was awesome, many unique items- this was a very bitter fruit - I wish I could remember the name of.
In the back of the store was a small cafe. Buddha made us chatpattey samples. An interesting dish based on puffed rice.
Kyle - having a good time.
Redeemer North Hill Methodist
Redeemer North Hill United Methodist. 
We learned about the architecture of the building - known as the "Akron Model" and about the amazing work the church is doing. We also sampled a mind blowing dish - I'm forgetting the ethnicity of the women who made it (Nepalese?) but the hospitality was awesome. The tour wound up at The Office Bistro - they opened early and had appetizers for everyone. I wish I could have stayed on longer for the wrap up discussion but I had another function to attend. 
I really enjoy these walking tours - learning the history of our neighborhoods and finding out about the places that I pass all the time and don't think twice about. I'm also humbled by the amazing work people are doing here in town - it really motivates me to do more and be a part of something bigger.

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