Monday, February 2, 2015

Thirsty Dog "Tasting"

Looking Up
My Dad purchased a "Beer Tasting, Tour, and Dinner" at the Thirsty Dog Brewing Co. while at a fundraiser for Greenleaf. What a great time it turned out to be - although not exactly what I expected. In my mind I was thinking of a beer dinner much like a wine pairing dinner. Instead it was more of an open bar party with a table of food. We could sample whatever we wanted or get a full pint/snifter. I tried a few Thirsty Dog beers I had never had before. After a few hours brewery employee, Joe, did his best to take us on a guided tour.

Jen, Mark and Beth
Jen, Mark and Beth
Todd and Amy
My brother, Todd, and his wife, Amy.
Steve and Dad
Steve and Dad
Laura and Todd
The Girls
"Ladies and the Taps"
I was impressed that we were able to drink the sours and barrel aged beers too. The bourbon barrel Cerebus and Siberian Night were favorites.
Steve, Laura, Dad
Steve, Laura and Dad
Tour Start
Joe starts the tour. I have to give him a lot of credit for dealing with us.
"Kari Laughs"
They happened to be making Citra Dog while we were there.
Brew Kettle
"Old No. Seven"
Citra Dog Boil
Looking down into the kettle during the boil. It was cool to be able to get up so close to the process. We were allowed to take our beers on the tour - unless they were sours - to avoid cross-contamination of the yeast.
Brite Tanks
"Brite Tanks"
Laura Siping
Laura polishing off the new unfiltered double IPA. It will be interested to see if this finds it way to bottles soon. It was outstanding.
Beer Tour
Andy, Kari and Mom
Spent Grain
"Spent Grain"
Smelled so good!
"Amy Asking"
"Group Shot" - in the recently renovated space.
Wold Creek
This part of the tour fascinated me the most. Through that arch was Wolf Creek. A wood framed brewery was built here in 1865 to take advantage of the water. It later burned was rebuilt, sold and became Burkhardt Brewery -Akron's largest until the national brands put it out of business. It is awesome that Thirsty Dog choose this building to return brewing to Akron.
We all really had a blast that night - I have to sincerely thank my Dad and Thirsty Dog!

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