Saturday, February 14, 2015

50 Shades of Grey

We Got A Leaner
Here are some more shots from the roll of Kentmere 400 I just developed. I remember going for this walk in Mount Peace Cemetery - I think I had some kind of plan to do a Halloween post with these images but I got too busy. I still think some of them are cool though, really good light. I enjoy walks in this cemetery, as the name suggests it is very peaceful.

Into the Sun
"Shine a Light"
"Grave Situation" lol
Shadows on the Tomb
Hower House
I have never been in the Hower House - I had taken this photo to remind myself I need to go to the Hower House.
Silver Creek
I shot this during the Fall Hiking Spree at Silver Creek Metro Park. Everyone who hikes here takes a photo of the barn - that is one of the reasons I enjoy shooting old cameras, it can really change the look of familiar scenes...

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