Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Election - Live

2012 Ohio Voter Live Stream of Facebook Statuses
Update 11/7 - So I went out for a hike and when I got back I was working on some homebrews(post soon) and then started WORKING on a homebrew - I lost touch with this 'live blogging idea'.....

2:46PM I mean he wrote 'Blonde on Blonde' man, 'Blonde on Blonde'.
"Here's pretty close to what I said last night in Madison. I said from the stage that we had to play better than good tonight, that the president was here today and he’s a hard act to follow. Also, that we’re not fooled by the media and we think it’s going to be a landslide. That’s pretty much all of it." - Bob Dylan

2:40PM If anyone feels like stopping by tonight to watch the election - I'm gonna get into my homemade grape/apple wine or Grapple Wine(which is purple so its non-partisan) and have a fire....

2:12PM I think instead of complaining about the age and slowness off the poll workers I need to figure out how to get this job and what it requires...I never have to work on election day.

12:50PM Glad I'm on the side that tries to win by getting people to the polls - not keeping them away.

12:00PM "The Electoral College process consists of the selection of the electors, the meeting of the electors where they vote for President and Vice President, and the counting of the electoral votes by Congress." I hope the Electoral College asserts its Constitutional Authority and really throws us a curve ball when they meet. Constitution Party anyone?

11:30AM Vote for whoever you want but vote YES for the schools...its not the kids' fault we send people to Columbus who refuse to fix school funding....

11:00AM I think the kid in front of me is thinking "this is a long line to wait in to cast a joke write in vote for Nixon's head on Bender's body!"

10:50AM No 'election observers' or 'voter challengers' at Resnik....gee, I wonder what part of town they are in?

10:45AM Dear complainers in line behind me....people are getting blown to bits in other parts of the world for this chance right now.....you'll make it.

10:30AM Bring something to read with you to the polls....when do they dip my finger in purple ink?

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