Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fuji 400 NPH

The Luxuries @ Annabell's
I shot my first roll of Fuji 400 NPH over the last few weeks but I can't really judge the quality of this reportedly beautiful film because it was well expired - and as you can see above it developed a very cyan-ish tone and became quite grainy. Color shifts and extra grain are to be expected when shooting expired film but what I can't figure out is why it didn't happen in a few of the frames(like the one below). The only explanation that would make any sense to me would be that my scanner was compensating on certain frames but I doubled checked my settings and there was nothing. The same thing happened to me with an expired role of Kodad Gold 400 once and I kind of shrugged it off - now I'm really curious. I need to ask the lab and do some more research into what is going on. Both roles were shot with my Nikon L35 AF - my go to camera when I want something small, cheap(now), and with a flash. Gabe @ Square 4

The Luxuries @ Annabell's
The Luxuries @ Annabell's
I also need to remember to start compensating for the loss of speed in expired film - the general rule is a loss of one stop per decade - that would have put this role at about one half of a stop.
Wes and Eric
Wes and Eric
Laura's Birthday
Laura's B-day!
Shower Caps
Shower Caps!
Gabe @ Square 1
Gabe Schray @ Square Records
Another shot without the color shift. Martin
I made a joke when I posted these to Facebook that they don't have an Instagram app yet for Windows RT - so if I want 'that hip look' I need to use old film and old cameras....

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